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Local is the new luxury™ with Favorit & Co

Updated: Jan 15

Favorit & Co single bottle - North Eau de Parfum
Celebrating local knowledge and artisan skill (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)



Already important to sustainability-conscious consumers, support for local, independent brands has surged since the Covid-19 pandemic - and experts predict this trend will continue to grow.

Often called “localism” this trend goes hand in hand with buying ethically, as people seek out and show preference to authentic, locally and sustainably made products that support local businesses.

There are plenty of reasons to feel good about buying local. It helps invest in the local community, creates job opportunities, boosts the local economy and reduces environmental impacts. When you buy local, many of the goods are locally sourced and crafted in small batches offering a level of quality and uniqueness that aren't necessarily found in larger chain stores.

Made in Switzerland

A great example of a brand encapsulating “local” in a meaningful sense is Favorit & Co.

Favorit & Co is a perfume brand that creates handcrafted unisex eau de parfums and room scents.

Their creations are thoughtfully designed and created in Zurich by Stefan Jandl and Andreas Zellweger together with their team of expert craftsmen.

The contemporary label is redefining the new luxury by supporting local. All their products are produced using traditional, local manufacturing together with socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Favorite & Co perfume collection - Compass
Various stains of wood are used to denote the scents (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

The glass bottles are made and decorated by a specialised shop in Austria. The packaging is produced and screen printed in a traditional, small factory near Zurich, Switzerland. And the charming wooden closures are handmade by people with disabilities in the carpentry workshop run by the St. Jakob Foundation in Zurich - an economically orientated social enterprise that has been providing jobs since 1902 . The perfume itself is also composed, produced and bottled in Zurich with locally sourced ingredients.

Favorit & Co single bottle - North Eau de Parfum with handmade wooden cap
Clean, minimalist and timeless design (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

Favorit & Co simple black and white packaging
Simple black and white boxes complete the unassuming packaging design (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

Celebrating local knowledge and artisan skill, the brand’s visual identity is also inherently Swiss - clean, minimalist and timeless design. All of the fragrances come in minimalist black bottles with structured, wooden caps. Simple black and white boxes complete the unassuming packaging design. Even the font is Swiss!

The local hero of the design is the Swiss pine cone that is branded onto the wooden caps - representing the longevity and timelessness of the products.

Simple, structured wooden perfume cap with branded Swiss pine cone
The Swiss pine cone highlights the deep craftsmanship that goes into each scent (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

Favorit & Co single bottle - South Eau de Parfum
Pure & Simple (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

The Swiss made creations are about moving out of the fast lane and are designed for people who are tired of todays loud overconsumption. Pure and simple, all their products are skilfully crafted in small batches creating value and exclusivity.

Small batch perfume manufacturing
Handcrafted small batches naturally entail quality and exclusivity (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)

Valuable manufacturing combined with timeless design is one step towards a sustainable way of thinking and consumption. It's about doing things with people and for people who value simplicity, quality, responsibility and good design.

Perfume bottles packaged in box showing valuable manufacturing
Products for Body & Mind (Image Credit: Favorit & Co)


Benefits of buying local

  • Reduces Environmental Impact Transportation is a big reason why. Local businesses make more local purchases meaning less transportation is required. This contributes to less pollution, sprawl, traffic congestion and habitat loss.

  • Minimises Waste Handcrafted products are generally manufactured in small batches which minimise waste and avoid overproduction.

  • Creates More Jobs Buying local means you are keeping a business open and giving people jobs within the local community.

  • Improves the Local Economy Buying local allows money to be cycled back into the local community. This income helps to foster economic growth and local development, benefitting everybody in your community.

  • Unique & Exclusive Buying local means that many of the goods and services are locally sourced or crafted offering a level of uniqueness. There’s something special about buying local products you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Higher Quality Items Local products are often produced in small runs with a high degree of care and craft. Durable products that are made to last give you much more value for your money.

  • Support Community Groups Many local businesses support local not-for-profits and charities in their community. By supporting these businesses, you are contributing to the greater good of your community.


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