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Suber, the design of the future that gives new life to cork

Updated: Jan 15

beautiful minimalistic room shot with cork furniture and woman by the doorway
Suber Line (Image Credit:



Suber is a line of innovative design products made entirely in Italy with cork recovered from the ethical recycling project Etico, a project of Amorim Cork Italia, leader in the production of natural cork stoppers.

With a strong focus on sustainability, Amorim Cork devised a recycling program that, since 2011, has involved non-profit organizations in Italy in the collection of used cork stoppers to give them a second life.

hands holding a wine cork-stopper
(Image Credit:

Around 30 million used cork stoppers are collected every year which are transformed and processed into a powder that is combined with natural resins to give life to CORE, a new generation composite material with exceptional technological and aesthetic qualities.

The result is a new material that enhances the mechanical performance of cork while preserving its sensory properties (scent, touch, visual appeal), allowing for the creation of soft shapes that are true to the material from which they are made. Core comes in two different colour shades: Core Gold, obtained from recycled wine corks and Core Black obtained from building coat waste.

hands holding recycled cork granules
Recovered cork stoppers transformed into granules (Image Credit:

core material made from recycled cork stoppers
Cork granules bonded with natural resins becomes Core (Image Credit:

Thanks to the collaboration with architects and designers Jari Franceschetto and Manuel Cason, the Suber line was born. A creation of new-concept interior design products (coffee tables, stools, lamps, wine buckets, umbrella stands and coat hangers) with a unique style.

woman sitting next to cork coffee tables of various sizes and cork stool and
Suber Line (Image Credit:

beautiful interior showcasing cork table and stools with beach view
Suber Line (Image Credit:

A waste free future

Suber - Cork's Second Life project was born out of the realization that we as humans, rely on our planet for our well-being and that raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. This growing awareness of our environment is driving the development of a circular future, transforming what was previously considered to be waste into new creative opportunities.

Suber is a project that interprets the modern concept of circular economy. A virtuous process that originates in cork forests, continues with cork stoppers for wine and finally becomes unique pieces of furniture (after recycling) suitable for interior spaces.

three cork tables with a bottle and two glasses of water
Mari 40 tables by Suber (Image Credit:

The aesthetics of the future

Today, many design projects are driven by ethical and sustainable initiatives. The use of natural resources and previously unused organic residual materials for the interior design industry offers huge potential for innovation. Materials developed in this way are particularly eco-friendly because they can easily be returned to the environment without doing any harm.

Cork is an extraordinary raw material, completely natural, reusable and recyclable; perfectly in line with the growing ecological awareness of today’s society.

Thanks to its versatility, cork is starting to be present in a range of industries from product design to green building to the footwear industry.

By giving new life to the material, Suber has given rise to modern interior design objects with a unique appeal and high social value. Not only does it enhance the natural characteristics of a raw material that is sustainable by nature, but it also fits perfectly with any type of environment.

woman sitting on cork stool next to cork tall table and three cork coffee tables
Suber Line (Image Credit:

To learn more about Suber Cork's Second Life project, visit І @suberdesign І facebook: suberdesign

Amorim Cork Italia Via Camillo Bianchi, 8 - 31015 Conegliano (TV)


Sustainability Advantages

  • Design for Recycled Content The Suber collection is made from a sustainable material called Core, a high-performance composite material made from recycled cork grain and natural resins.

  • Design for Longevity Despite its lightweight nature, cork is a strong and durable material that can withstand wear and tear. It is resistant to water, heat and insects and is unlikely to dent or scratch easily.


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