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Powerful visual storytelling to support conservation initiatives

Updated: May 10, 2023

Harriet the owl and people in grey fog in Zimbabwe - photograph by Nick Brandt
Nick Brandt - Harriet and People in Fog, Zimbabwe, 2020. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.



Vital Impacts together with world renowned photographers and conservation heroes like Jane Goodall are using their art to raise funds to support grassroots non-profits who are working to protect endangered habitats and wildlife.

Vital Impacts is a non-profit created by award-winning National Geographic photographer

Ami Vitale and journalist Eileen Mignoni. Gathering some of the biggest names in photography, they

have asked these artists to put their one-of-a-kind works up for sale, with 60% of net proceeds going towards the Big Life Foundation, Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative, and Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben.

Chimpanzee kissing cute baby chimp - photograph by Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall - Kiss. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Their current Winter 2022 print sale offers an exclusive collection of extraordinary prints from photographers with a deep commitment to the environment. The collection captures stunning insights about our natural world through a diverse array of works focused on the Earth's landscapes, plants and animals.

Through the power of an image, Vital Impacts aims to amplify these organisation's stories, create awareness and much needed funding for conservation efforts around the world.

Contributing to the collection are: Xavi Bou, Nick Brandt, Jasper Doest, Jane Goodall, David Liittschwager, Jody MacDonald, Beth Moon, Vincent J. Musi, Anand Varma, Ami Vitale.

The current print sale runs until the end of April, 2022. There are both open and limited editions available in a variety of sizes and a range of prices. The prints are the perfect gift that also gives back to charity and is a great way to get some stunning art for your home.

Here’s a look at some of the images that are up for purchase. Go to Vital Impacts to shop the collection.

Fine art photographic image of Northern Pintails and other migratory ducks - photograph by Vincent J. Musi
Vincent J. Musi - Ducks, Bear Island WMA. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Black and white abstract Fine art Ornithography #128 - by Xavi Bou
Xavi Bou - Ornithography #128. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Flamingo Bob Swimming in aqua water  - photograph by Jasper Doest
Jasper Doest - Flamingo Bob Swimming. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Close up of white octopus - photograph by David Liittschwager
David Liittschwager - Octopus. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Asian elephant, Rajan taking a morning walk in the forest - photography by Jody MacDonald
Jody MacDonald - Rajan Morning Walk. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Joseph Wachira comforts Sudan, the last living northern white rhino - photograph by Ami Vitale
Ami Vitale - Goodbye Sudan. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Black and white twin-trunked trees intertwined, Morondava, Madagascar - photograph by Beth Moon
Beth Moon - The Lovers. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A Green Violetear hummingbird (Colibri thalassinus) in flight - photograph by Anand Varma
Anand Varma - Green Violetear. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Richard together with Sky, an African giraffe in Zimbabwe - photograph by Nick Brandt
Nick Brandt - Richard and Sky, Zimbabwe, 2020. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

To learn more about Vital Impacts print sales & iniatives, visit


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