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Forgo makes personal care more sustainable with less packaging waste

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Forgo sustainable mix-it-yourself soap powder added to reusable glass bottle
Forgo, a new personal care brand from Swedish design studio Form Us With Love (Image Credit: Forgo)



Swedish design studio Form Us With Love launch new brand Forgo in response to the wastefulness in the personal care industry.

Forgo´s first product, a refillable, powder-to-liquid hand wash that minimises carbon emissions and uses less material in its aim to minimise packaging waste that comes from throwaway plastic bottles and bags.

Forgo soap powder in recycled paper sachet
(Image Credit: Forgo)

One small paper sachet contains 12 grams of concentrated powder containing 6 ingredients that can turn regular tap water into a full 250ml bottle of foaming hand wash. The process of mixing the product is easy and takes less than a minute. Empty the sachet into a bottle, add hot tap water and shake thoroughly. The powder can be mixed in Forgo's reusable frosted glass bottle or consumers can use what they already have. It's simple.

Forgo's just-add-water hand wash to reusable frosted glass bottle
(Image Credit: Forgo)

Forgo soap power mixed in bottle and shaken
(Image Credit: Forgo)

Forgo foaming liquid hand wash in use
(Image Credit: Forgo)

Getting rid of everything we can do without.

Forgo believes that everything consumed today can be made better with less. Their approach lies in its name – Forgo, which means ‘to do without’. They thought about what to get rid of starting with plastic packaging and shipping water.

Liquid personal care products are primarily made of water (around 80-95%), meaning that most of the carbon footprint of shipping them comes from shipping water - an ingredient that can easily come from someone’s tap. Changing to a powder form gives consumers the ability to make their own hand wash eliminating the water bulk and weight in the logistics chain. Making it dry also eliminates the need to package it in plastic and replace it with more sustainable options.

Forgo sustainable and zero single use plastic packaging range
(Image Credit: Forgo)

Simple and effective, the product is thoughtfully designed to be sustainable.

The powder is packaged in compostable/recyclable paper sachets. The outer packaging is 90% recycled paper content and they ship without any plastic or petrol based adhesives. The studio also designed a simple reusable frosted glass bottle made in Portugal. A material that is durable, recyclable and designed to last. The foaming pump is made of recycled plastic by a manufacturer in Sweden.

Forgo reusable frosted glass bottle
(Image Credit: Forgo)

FORGO products have been developed using natural or naturally derived ingredients manufactured in Canada. The Forgo hand wash comes in two sustainably made scents – citrus and wood. Wood is distilled from wood offcuts from timber yards in Canada and Citrus is distilled from leftover pulp and peel from organic juicing plants in the Caribbean. Neutral is also available for those who prefer no scent.

Three Forgo reusable glass bottles in three scents - citrus and wood and no scent
(Image Credit: Forgo)

The hand wash soap is just the start for Forgo as the brand wants to apply their “less is better” methodology to all personal care products from body wash, face wash, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, toothpaste and so on.

Forgo subscription handwash re-fill sachets in recyclable and compostable paper packaging
(Image Credit: Forgo)

The best part? It's a subscription-based service that can regularly slip re-fill sachets through your letter box in a simple paper envelope to make sure you'll never run out of soap.

To learn more about Forgo, visit


Sustainability Advantages

  • Less Material

  • Reusable Glass Bottle Handmade in Portugal. Designed in Sweden.

  • Zero Single Use Plastic Only recyclable and compostable paper packaging.

  • Just 6 Essential Ingredients 99% natural in water, with fragrances from citrus leftovers and wood scraps.

  • 85% Less Co2e Emissions One refill emits 85% less Co2e than buying a new bottle of soap.


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